Picking the right paint color is an important step in the process of updating your home. What can be even more challenging is choosing a specific brand, or store to buy your paint from. Why? Because each paint store has their own codes, colors, and qualities of paint. Buying your paint at an exclusive paint store is best because you’ll get people who know colors, know the best product for your application, and sell the tools necessary to complete the project. The box stores simply cannot give you the quality information that paint stores can.

In this blog I will give you four tips on which interior paint to buy for specific areas of your home. I hope these tips will help to relieve some of the stress you may feel when making decisions about the look of your home.

1)   Ceilings – Always use flat paint. Flat paint hides the imperfections and doesn’t give you a shine that reflects light (ceilings are inherently uneven). Most ceilings should be flat except in the water rooms- bathroom and laundry room. For these ceilings you should use a paint that has a medium sheen to it like satin.

2)   Bedroom, living room, family room walls – Eggshell finish or low sheen will work great! But remember, each store’s sheen terminology is different so always ask to see a sheen chart to see the shine of the paint.

3)    Hallways and stairs –For these high traffic areas you will want to use an eggshell or a satin.

4)   Trim doors and door frames, windows, bases, chair rails, pickets. – Satin, semi gloss or gloss.  

Follow these tips to ensure that you are choosing the right paint for the right job!


-Rob Potts, CEO of Potts Painting Co.

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