Owning a home comes with equal amounts of joy and hard work; especially during the process of selling. We not only have a household to take care of, but we now have the pressure that comes with getting our house in the best position to sell. Daunting questions arise in this process: Should we paint everything white? Should I hire someone to paint my home? Are my colors okay? Is it necessary?

Here are some tips you may find helpful – the painting dos and don’ts of getting your house ready to sell. We can make this process of selling not as difficult as it may seem.


Let’s say you have a low budget and aren’t interested in painting the whole house, we recommend:

  1. Paint the front door. First impressions are key when selling your house, and having the front door freshly painted will help potential buyers feel as if this house not only has value, but is welcoming. We suggest a mid tone color that is in the same color family as your home.
  2. Paint the hallway that leads to the kitchen. Your biggest selling point is your kitchen and what surrounds it. Most women and men we talk to who are looking to buy a house say that the kitchen is a major deciding factor. We recommend a lighter color. This will give a cleaner look that makes the kitchen feel open…which leads me to the next tip:
  3. Paint the kitchen. What makes a home a home is food; and, eating that food with the ones you love. Painting the kitchen is a MUST. After the kitchen is painted, you’ll want to make sure that the kitchen is staged, uncluttered and clean. We suggest coloring the kitchen the same as the hallway or choosing a color that accents the hallway leading to the kitchen.
  4. Paint the master bedroom. You are selling your house to the exact people who are going to be living in the master bedroom. There is great value in making sure that the master bedroom is freshly painted and looking brand new so that the buyer can envision themselves living there. We suggest a color that reflects well with the light beaming into the room.
The dos and don’ts

No wild colors of any kind. Light colors will make the rooms look bigger and brighter. Additionally, the light colors will help the home appear clean and in good shape.  This will aid the buyer as they envision their belongings within the house.

Touch up the trim that is chipped or peeling. Having the house in perfect condition, with no mess, gives buyers ease as they picture themselves in the home. When the walls look clean, it sends an underlying message that this house is stable and free of any insulation flaws.

Touch up in general.

  • Patch big holes
  • Replace damaged trim (that might be in baths or areas scratched by pets.)
  • Clean out the pantry.
  • Caulk and fill all settling cracks

One final note: nothing looks worse than a house touched up with the wrong colors or sheens. Test your paint and let it dry to see that it indeed matches both color and sheen. You can do it! But if you feel an experienced eye is needed, call in a professional. Not all professional painting companies will do these “small” jobs, but make it a priority to have it done right.


If you follow these tips, you will be well on your way to having the interior of your home looking beautiful. And that’s one step closer to selling your house!


-Rob Potts, CEO of Potts Painting Co.

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