Nothing screams summer more than barbecuing outside, having lively conversations around the fire, or sipping on some iced tea while sitting on your back deck. Summer says come outside! It’s warm and safe! With summertime comes the reality of the wood deck you have been ignoring, LEAVES EVERYWHERE, wet spots and moss!

Don’t worry! We have 4 tips on how to maintain your deck and the dos and don’ts of maintenance.

  1. If you don’t do regular maintenance, then cleaning before the warm weather hits becomes a chore. Make sure to follow the next steps in order to ensure a healthy deck.
  2. Brush or blow needles and debris off of it. You don’t want these needles to be present when you are getting ready to restain the deck!
  3. Clean out in-between the boards. A lot of dirt, bugs, and needles can sneak their way in and prevent rain from properly flowing!
  4. Once a year (usually in spring) spray a deck wash on the surface. You will want to let it sit for 15 minutes, and then hose it away. You can buy a deck wash at any paint store!

Do not pressure wash hard in-between the boards. Doing so will diminish the finish.

Do not leave flat flowerpots on the deck floor surface. You want to elevate the pots with 3 or 4 base pieces that will allow air and water to flow through.

Do keep it clean. Restain every 3 years – if not sooner, and retain the floor rails and pickets every 5 years.

Do not paint your deck floor. Just think about the paint chips that you’ll have!

Do call a professional (like PottsPainting-shameless plug) if the task seems too daunting!

If your take all of these tips into consideration throughout the winter, fall, and spring, your will be ready for summer and ready to enjoy a healthy deck!


-Rob Potts, CEO of Potts Painting Co.

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